26111 Big M Campground
Cassville, MO 65625
(417) 271-3853

Friday - Monday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday - Thursday Closed

Directions From Springfield, Missouri

1. Take Highway 60 West (Also known as James River Freeway) about 6 miles to the US 60 west/MO 413 exit.

2. Take this exit and you will travel down the ramp 0.2 mile to a stoplight.

3. Turn left and then continue to follow US 60 West for 23.5 miles to intersection (MO Highway 39/US 60).

4. At the intersection of MO 39/US 60 turn left and travel 21.5 miles on MO 39 South to MO 76 west.

5. Turn Right on MO 76 west and travel 3 miles to M highway.

6. Turn Left on M highway and travel 8 miles to Big M Marina and Campground Area.

Directions From Kansas City, Missouri

1. Take Highway 71 South toward Joplin, Missouri. You will travel on 71 south to Interstate 44 near Joplin, Missouri.

2. Take Interstate 44 East to MO-37 South. Travel on MO-37 South to Cassville, MO.

3. At Cassville, Take highway 76 East. Travel on 76 East until you come to M Highway.

4. Turn Right, Travel down M Highway 8 miles to Big M Marina and Campground Area.

Directions From Northwest Arkansas

1. Travel on Highway 62 East to Gateway, AR.

2. Take Highway 37 North, Travel on 37 North until you come to HWY 112, Turn Right.

3. Travel on Highway 112 to Roaring River State Park, Turn Right on F Highway.

4. Continue to the East on F highway to a “T” intersection and the stop sign at Highway 86.

5. Turn Left on Highway 86. Travel on Highway 86 for a short distance of 150 feet, and turn Right onto E Highway.

6. Travel on E highway until you arrive at another “T” intersection and a stop sign.

7. Turn Right on Highway M and travel two miles to Big M Marina and Campground Area.

Directions From Branson, Missouri

1. Take Highway 65 South.

2. Turn Right onto Highway 86 West.

3. Be alert of a couple of things: There will be a pretty sharp bend on this two lane highway to the right and highway 86 and highway 13 merge.

4. Continue to the right on highway 86/13. You will be traveling on 86/13 for a few miles, but be looking for highway 86 to turn to the Left (West). Be sure to continue on Highway 86 by turning left at this intersection.

5. Continue to travel on highway 86 west and you will cross over a large bridge at Eagle Rock, MO.

6. Travel on highway 86 to E Highway.

7. Turn Right and travel on E highway until you come to a “T” intersection and a stop sign at M highway.

8. Turn Right on M Highway and travel 2 miles to Big M Marina and Campground Area.

Directions From the Water

We are located between location marker Points 24 & 25 on the main channel of Table Rock Lake.

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